SeekOut supports advanced search syntax. If you want to go beyond keywords and basic Boolean, try these advanced query functions.

(If you haven't just come from there, you may want to start with our Advanced Search Guide)

Proximity / Near

Proximity searches are used to find terms that are near each other in a document. 

Insert a tilde ~ symbol at the end of a quoted phrase followed by the maximum number of words that separate those two terms. (If you don't specify a number, the words must be directly next to one another in the profile.)


"senior engineer"~1 

Find profiles with terms including
        senior software engineer,
        senior electrical engineer,
        senior operations engineer, etc. 

"clinical scientist"~2 

Find profiles with terms including
        clinical retinal research scientist,    
        clinical biological scientist,
        clinical developmental psychological scientist, etc. 

"customer training manager"~2 

Find profiles with terms including
        customer support and training manager,  
        customer training success manager,
        customer service training and success manager, etc. 


Wildcards are placeholders for any value. You use * or ? to indicate the wildcards. 

  • * is used to represent multiple characters
  • ? is used to represent a single character only



Finds engineer, engineering, English, engine, and more.


Finds store, story, stork, etc.

  • Wildcards only operate on single terms, not phrases.
  • You cannot use a * or ? symbol as the first character of a search.

Regular expression search

A regular expression (or RegEx) search finds a match based on the contents between forward slashes /.

Regular expression searches are matched against single words.



Find profiles containing motel or hotel

This is just a simple example. Regular expressions can be incredibly complex. There any many resources available online such as this Quick Reference Guide or this Interactive Builder to learn more.

Fuzzy search

A fuzzy search finds matches in terms that have letters in common. 

To run a fuzzy search, use the tilde ~ symbol at the end of a single word. SeekOut will return profiles which have similar spellings. 



Finds profiles with SDE2, STE2, SDE3, etc. 

  • Fuzzy search can only be applied to terms, not phrases.

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