SeekOut's powerful search helps you identify great candidates. Once you've found them, you can request their contact information and then use SeekOut's messaging features to create automated, personalized series of email messages to reach out and engage with your candidates.

SeekOut includes the ability for recruiters to send automated multi-step email campaigns to candidates. Sending multiple emails in this way greatly increases the likelihood the candidate will respond. These emails are sent from the recruiter's corporate email address and SeekOut tracks the replies to know when the campaign should be stopped. For instance, if a candidate responds after the first message of a 3-step campaign, the candidate shouldn't receive the 2nd or 3rd message in the campaign. Instead, the recruiter should take over with a personalized message.

Follow the steps below to create messaging campaigns and begin reaching out. If you prefer, you can also watch the tutorial video.

After you've found your candidates:

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