You can use SeekOut to create drip campaigns and manage your outreach to candidates. (Click here to learn about sending one-off Quick Messages to individual candidates).

Follow these steps to get started. You can also watch the video tutorial if you prefer. 

Step 1: Link Your Email Account 

Click the Messaging tab at the top of the SeekOut page and click Link your email account to connect SeekOut with the account you will use to send the messages from. The messages will be sent from your email account and replies will come into your existing email inbox.

Step 2: Create a Campaign 

A series of messages spaced over several days is called a campaign. Once you've linked your email account, create a campaign so you can begin contacting your candidates.  

Click New Campaign and then click Create from Playbook or Create New if you would like to start from scratch. If you anticipate using the same message in multiple campaigns, you can also create a New Template for easy use across campaigns. 

Give your Campaign a name (and description if you want) and click Save

On the Campaign page, click Campaign Steps and then Add a Step 

Enter the subject and body of the message. Use the Insert Field link where you want to put in candidate-specific fields like the candidate's name. You'll see a placeholder appear. The placeholder will be filled in with the candidate's information (or current day of week). 

Create as many steps as you want and specify the number of days between steps. When you've finished editing the messages, click Save. 

On the Campaign page, choose the Settings tab. Set whether you want to send to work or personal mails. You can also choose to BCC another recipient (e.g., your CRM). 

Click Start Campaign near the top of the page. 

Step 3: Add Candidates to Your Campaign from Projects 

You need to add candidates to a campaign to start messaging them. You'll need to have an email addresses for the candidates you want to reach, so click Get Contact Info or enter email addresses manually with the Add Email button. 

Select the candidates you want to add to the messaging campaign and click Add to Campaign under the More menu. You can also add an entire project to a campaign. 

Any candidates you add to a started campaign will begin receiving the first message after about 20 minutes. (We have a small delay in case you accidentally add the wrong person to a campaign and want to remove them.) 

Step 4: Track Candidate Engagement and Responses 

SeekOut tracks when each candidate opens or replies to your message. Their replies also go into your email inbox so you can interact with them there. Once a candidate replies to your message, they will not receive any further messages in the sequence.  

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