SeekOut's powerful search helps you identify great candidates and find their contact information. While we encourage you to add these candidates to Campaigns, you can also send ad-hoc messages to individuals based on a template you create.

To get started, create your template. Navigate to your "Messaging" tab, ensure your email account is connected with SeekOut, and click the "New Template" button.

Use the Insert Field link where you want to put in candidate-specific fields like first name. You'll see a placeholder appear. The placeholder will be filled in with the candidate's information (or current day of week).

When you've finished, click Save to store your template. 

Now, you're ready to send messages. To contact a candidate, click the "Message" button under their name. Choose which Template you would like to use. The template will be filled in with the fields you added in the template such as the candidate's name and current company.  

Select either Copy message to clipboard (if you'd like to manually copy-paste into your email client) or Open in email.

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