You'll need to connect your email account with SeekOut in order to use our Campaign and Messaging features.

Here's how to get started!

  • Select if you're adding your own email account, or linking someone else's

Tip: Sometimes you may want to send email from another address. Perhaps you are sending mail on behalf of another recruiter, or even directly from a hiring manager to top candidates. Requesting Email Permission from another user is how you would do this. You can have multiple email addresses linked to your account, and choose which you want to use for each campaign.

  • Enter your email address and password to complete the process

One you've added an address and started a campaign, any messages will be sent from your the linked account and replies will come into your existing email inbox.

There's no need to check back on SeekOut for for responses!

Note: If your email account or password changed, you will need to repeat the above steps to re-link your account with SeekOut.

How does the connection work?

To connect SeekOut with an email account we use a third party provider, Nylas.

SeekOut generates the email messages to be sent to candidates and Nylas' API connects to the recruiters email outbox to send them. Nylas then monitors the Inbox for replies to any of those sent messages and reports the metadata about those replies back to SeekOut.

Email Security

Enterprise-grade security and privacy controls are at the heart of Nylas.

Nylas are a well-established, US-based company with hundreds of enterprise customers. They have very strong security protocols including SOC 2 Type II certification and Privacy Shield certification.

Read about Nylas' security and privacy here.

Where corporate IT policies prohibit access to email, some customer have mitigated the issues by creating accounts just for Messaging. For instance, Lee Smith might have the email address, but the IT department will create a 2nd email address

We're happy to discuss any of these details with your IT/Infosec Team; just loop us in at

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