You'll need to connect your email account with SeekOut in order to use the Messaging feature. Click the Messaging tab at the top of the SeekOut page and click Link your email account to connect SeekOut with the account you will use to send the messages from. 

The messages will be sent from your email account and replies will come into your existing email inbox. There's no need to check yet another platform for responses!

Note: You will need to re-link your email account if your email password changes.

It is also possible that you will need approval from your internal IT team in order to move forward with this connection. Should that be the case, your internal IT team will be in the best position to provide further assistance.

How does the connection work?

To connect SeekOut with a recruiter's email account, we use a third party provider, Nylas' entire business is providing an API to connect applications like SeekOut with any type of email or similar (calendar, contacts) system. They are a well-established, US-based company with hundreds of enterprise customers. They have very strong security protocols including SOC 2 Type II certification and Privacy Shield certification. The recently raised a $16M funding round, so they are quite well established.

SeekOut generates the email messages to be sent to candidates and Nylas' API connects to the recruiters email outbox to send them. Nylas then monitors the Inbox for replies to any of those sent messages and reports the metadata about those replies back to SeekOut.

Security Concerns

For any SeekOut customer, granting access to an employee's corporate email outbox and inbox can raise valid security concerns.
• Nylas needs access to the email credentials of the recruiter. This can be via regular password, or an App Password.
• Nylas has the ability to send messages on the recruiter's behalf and monitor the recruiter's email inbox.
Read about Nylas's security and privacy here.

Addressing the Security Concerns

Most of our customers have become comfortable with these security concerns after they've learned about Nylas' security certifications. The access Nylas has is similar to what other email-integrated tools such as Salesforce have, and Nylas' security policies and precautions are as strong as those other tools.

For SeekOut customers who are not comfortable granting access to their recruiter's email accounts, some have mitigated the security issues by creating a second email account for the recruiters. This account is only used for automated SeekOut messaging. For instance, Lee Smith might have the email address, but the IT department will create a 2nd email address

SeekOut would connect to the lee.smith.recruits account. Because this account isn't the recruiter's primary email address, the theoretical risk of granting access to the email inbox would be reduced. The only messages in this inbox would be ones ones initiated by SeekOut.

We're happy to discuss any of these details with your IT/Infosec Team; just loop us in at

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