A SeekOut Messaging Campaign is a series of messages spaced over several days.

SeekOut automates the process of customizing and sending these emails, making it simple to include dozens or even hundreds of candidates in a campaign with just a few clicks.

We also include smart features like allowing you to send emails from different addresses, routing responses directly to your inbox, and automatically stopping the campaign sequence when a candidate replies.

Hint: The best campaigns include at least 3 steps! When you create a new campaign you'll have the option to start from scratch, clone an existing campaign, or use one of our Playbook templates.

Once you've linked your email account, create a campaign.

Give your Campaign a name (and description if you want) and click Save

On the Campaign page, click Campaign Steps and then Add a Step 

Enter the subject and body of the message. Use the Insert Field link where you want to put in candidate-specific fields like the candidate's name. You'll see a placeholder appear. The placeholder will be filled in with the candidate's information (or current day of week). 

Create as many steps as you want and specify the number of days between steps. When you've finished editing the messages, click Save. 

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