1. A Lever administrator will need to locate the partner API key in your instance of Lever.
  2. Once the key is created and shared with SeekOut, we will configure it for you. Please email 

Generating the API Key in Enterprise Lever

Go to Settings > Integrations > API Credentials

If you have Enterprise Lever and are an administrator, you will have the ability to click 'Generate New Key' for the Lever API credentials (not Postings API credentials). It will look like this:

Start by clicking Select All Candidates 

Then be sure to click 'read user' and 'list posting'. See below for a list of all of the permissions required to ensure SeekOut is able to sync users.

Copy your new API key, then click the Done button. 

Send the API key to

That's it, your work is finished! The SeekOut team will take it from here.

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