New Activations

Please submit a request for this integration with your Talemetry Account Manager or Talemetry Customer Success Manager. They will have any commercial conversations and set up a project.

Use Cases

This integration works to import candidates from SeekOut into Talemetry for a targeted Requisition.

Check out the demo video to see how this works:

Uploading from a Project into Talemetry

From your project in SeekOut, select the More….> Upload All to Talemetry menu option.

You will be prompted to select a Job to upload the candidate to in the SCRM. This is NOT an application, so your candidate will not be added to the ATS. If you had previously uploaded this candidate to a job, then we recommend you find that candidate in the SCRM and attach them to the job directly.

This one-way "push" will upload any new candidates not previously uploaded unless you chose the option “Include previously uploaded candidates"

A few pro tips

It’s a good idea to fetch email and phone information before exporting so that these important fields are exported to Talemetry, too.

 Include Previously Exported Candidates: Check this box if you are re-exporting candidates that you have already exported before and want to update. By default, SeekOut keeps track of candidates that have been exported and does not re-export. 

**This takes up to 15 mins to appear in Talemetry

SeekOut Candidates in SCRM

SeekOut Source & CRM Fields that are Used

The following fields are visible on every SeekOut candidate profile on the “Other Fields” tab

SeekOut Created Date: Date Candidate created in SeekOut 

SeekOut Additional Emails: Additional Emails for Candidate 

SeekOut Additional Phones: Additional Phones for Candidate 

SeekOut Location: City,State, Country of Candidate 

SeekOut Coder Score: SeekOutcoder score filter

SeekOut Other Websites: OtherProfile Site URLs 

SeekOut Project: Name of SeekOutProject 

SeekOut User: The user who "pushed" the candidates from SeekOut 

SeekOut Profile URL: Linkto SeekOut Profile URL

To View the SeekOut fields, please navigate the Other Fields tab of the candidate record

SeekOut Source & CRM Filters

To access the SeekOut filters please click the “+” icon to select the filter

The only field that is set up as a filter is the “SeekOut Coder Score”


Finding Your SeekOut Candidates

You have a few options to locate your candidates

Search candidates by Source, select Specific Sources > SeekOut (Resume DB)

You can also access them from the “Candidates” tab within "Jobs":

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