Through Single Sign-On (SSO), users will be able to log in to SeekOut using their company domain credentials. Once set up, users will use the "Sign in with SSO" link instead of the standard username and password fields.

Please note that users will not be able to reset their passwords using the "Forgot your password?" link if SSO is enabled.

Please contact your Customer Success Manager or if you are interested in setting up SSO for your organization.

SSO Setup

For setup purposes, SeekOut functions as the Service Provider (SP) while your organization is the Identity Provider (IdP).

We will need the following information from your organization (IdP):

1. SAML IdP metadata file.

2. Signing certificate (if not included in the metadata file)

SeekOut (SP) will provide:

1. SP Entity ID:

2. SP Reply URL: (custom)

Account Management

We can designate one or more users from your organization to serve as SeekOut license administrators. When new users are created at your organizations, they will initially be set up as "trial" users. The company administrators can then assign these users with non-trial licenses using the Team Administration menu in SeekOut.

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