Every Talent Leader knows the value of an effective referral program. It’s not just great for team morale - referred hires are happier, perform better, and have longer tenure. Your referral channel is typically your most cost-effective hiring source.

But generating referrals is always a challenge. No one can remember everyone they’ve worked with, and going through LinkedIn connections is a manual, tedious, and time-consuming process.

Now, with SeekOut, you can quickly identify highly-qualified candidates who are connected to you or your team, and quickly request feedback – or a referral – from your colleagues.

How it works:

  1. Ask your Customer Success Manager (or email support@seekout.io) to enable SeekOut Referrals. We’ll get back to you with a link for your team.
  2. Share the link with your colleagues and they'll be able to sync (upload) their LinkedIn contacts with SeekOut.
  3. Within a few days, SeekOut will merge the data and you can easily filter for candidates who are directly connected to you or your team!

SeekOut will show you who the candidate is connected with and provide a one-click prompt to request feedback (or a referral) via email.

Please be assured that SeekOut does not use you or your team's connection data for any purposes other than enabling the Referrals feature. All connection data is private and is not shared with other SeekOut customers or third parties.

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