We know diverse teams do better work, are happier, and directly improve the bottom line. Diversity has never been more important, yet many organizations struggle to create diverse representation in enterprise, technology, and leadership roles.​

A large part of the problem is that legacy diversity sourcing methods have been largely in-person, or limited to using basic search criteria like name or school. These approaches have proven themselves to be slow, inefficient, and inherently bias.

SeekOut - the industry-leading Talent Search Engine for diverse candidates - allows you to find twice as many highly qualified diverse candidates that can't be found anywhere else including Female, Hispanic, Black, and Veteran.

Using Diversity Features

The full suite of SeekOut diversity features are included with every Premium, Premium-Tech, and Expert account. You can instantly find twice as many diverse profiles by simply applying a Diversity Filter on any search, or click on the various diversity categories shown withing People Insights.

SeekOut Helps Improve Diversity In Your Organization​

SeekOut's Talent Search Engine allows you to instantly find twice as many highly-qualified, diverse candidates.

  • Build a diverse recruiting funnel: SeekOut’s diversity filters for Female, Hispanic, Black or African American, and Veteran candidates deliver twice as many candidates as other tools​
  • Understand the diverse representation of different talent pools: Deeply analyze diversity at the company, location, or role/skill level to build an actionable D&I recruiting strategy.​
  • Results you can trust: SeekOut AI delivers the highest number of diverse candidates, with results that are highly precise (the most accurate inferences) and have high recall (the largest number of results).
  • Reduce unconscious bias: With SeekOut's Blind Hiring Mode - focus your sourcing on experience and skills by hiding information related to gender, race, or ethnicity.

SeekOut Diversity Features Are Leaps Ahead

People don't typically list their diversity status online.

SeekOut utilizes advanced AI to analyze multiple aspects of a profile and accurately classify each according into diversity categories.

We use millions data points including name, school, group membership, background, and many more to generate the highest quality and quantity results.

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