SeekOut is often able to retrieve multiple email addresses for a candidate. These email addresses may be personal or corporate addresses. Click here to learn more about how to determine if an email address is personal or corporate if you aren't sure.

When you enroll a candidate in a SeekOut Messaging Campaign, SeekOut does not send emails to all of the addresses listed for the candidate. By default, SeekOut will send emails to the first address listed (in this case, the Yahoo address) regardless of whether it is a personal or corporate address.

Many of our users prefer to avoid reaching out to the candidate at their current company's email address.

That's why we created a Recipient Email Setting for each campaign so you can control whether SeekOut should target personal email addresses or corporate addresses, and whether SeekOut should avoid sending to the other type of address entirely.

Make sure you adjust this setting first before you add candidates to your campaign.

If you prefer to send messages to the non-primary email address, for example, to the Gmail address for our Sample Candidate, navigate to the candidate's profile and click on the email you would like to use. Then, click on the option to "Use this address first in message campaigns".

Then, re-add the candidate to your campaign.

If you already know the candidate's email address and it is not one that SeekOut was able to find, you can add it to the candidate's profile by clicking on the plus sign and entering your own email address for the candidate. This will be specific to your SeekOut account; other SeekOut users will not be able to access your manually-entered email addresses.

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