How to request Custom Power Filters for your organization

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We know you don't want to spend time manually building searches that arise on a consistent basis. SeekOut can help by deploying Custom search filters in your UI so you have one-click access to desired talent pools. For example, we can build a list of target companies, target universities, specific keywords for common roles - or a filter that combines all of the above!


Please share the desired Boolean search string with your Customer Success Manager or We will need 1 working week if you send a complete Boolean string and 2 weeks if you do not have a prepared Boolean string. This allows time for your CSM to test the Custom Power Filter(s) and ensure accuracy.


Eg: schools:(University A OR University B OR University C)


Below are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Users cannot adjust the Boolean behind the power filters. Custom Power Filters can only be added or edited by SeekOut staff members. Because of this, the custom filters should be somewhat general in nature. You can always add additional keywords or Boolean (AND, OR, AND NOT) in the keyword box to make your queries more specific when needed.
  • If there are multiple SeekOut license holders at your organization, please coordinate with your Admin or team lead on these requests so there isn't a duplicate effort.

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