Understanding SeekOut's Unified Profiles

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SeekOut Unified Profiles bring together the most relevant data from dozens of sources, and allow you to easily search across more than 100 fields that include skillsets, background, and experience, education, diversity, and more.

SeekOut empowers every recruiter to find, engage, and hire diverse or hard-to-find talent.

SeekOut Talent Pools

SeekOut brings together the best and most relevant data from multiple talent pools.

Public Profiles

707M+ Profiles covering all roles including professional experience, education, skills, interests, and much more.

GitHub Profiles

29M+ GitHub profiles detailing overall coding experience, knowledge of specific programming languages, and AI-powered analytics into code quality and ranking.

Expert Profiles

97M+ Expert Profiles, detailing deep subject matter expertise through the analysis of 300M+ papers, patents, publications, conference presentations, and more.

Your Applicant Tracking System

With 2-way integration, you can use SeekOut's powerful search tools and up-to-date profile data to rediscover previous candidates from your ATS or CRM - including the ability to update your ATS with the latest candidate information.

Employee Referrals & Your Networks

Proactively identify passive candidates within your employee's networks, and easily request feedback or referrals directly from within SeekOut.

Other Social & Professional Networks

Custom search across Social, Professional, and Technical networks such as Facebook, Kaggle, etc.



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