How do I Clone a Candidate or a Project?

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With SeekOut, it's possible to clone candidates and projects. When you clone a candidate, SeekOut will use machine learning to search for candidates with similar experience and skills. When you clone a project, you can create a new project using some or all of the candidates from an already existing project.

Tips for Cloning a Candidate

Have you ever found yourself wishing you could clone the "perfect" candidate? The perfect candidate might be a current superstar employee or an ideal candidate from your search results who checks all the boxes.

Using SeekOut’s Clone feature, you can find similar candidates with one click. When you find an ideal fit candidate, click Clone on their profile.


SeekOut automatically creates a new project for you and suggests candidates who are similar to the candidate you've cloned. To find these clones, SeekOut analyzes the profile of the candidate you've cloned and searches for similar candidates. This analysis takes into account the unique skills and background of the cloned candidate.

You can Accept any of the clones to add them to the project or Reject them if they aren't similar enough. SeekOut will learn from your feedback to give you better matches.

You can change the way SeekOut searches for clones. For example, you can prioritize candidates who work for the same company, change the locations searched, and adjust required skills, years of experience, and more.


For more information, see the article AI Matching in SeekOut.

Tips for Cloning a Project

When you clone a project, you're creating a new project and automatically adding some or all of the candidates from another project. Open the project you want to clone, then click More at the top right of the candidate list and select Add All to Another Project.


Click Create New and give your new project a name. When you're done, click Create. You can find your new project at the top of your project list.

Alternatively, you can clone a project using a select number of candidates. Check the box next to each candidate, then click More and Add X to Another Project from the ribbon at the bottom of the screen. 

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