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All SeekOut accounts include the ability for to send automated, multi-step email campaigns.

These emails are sent and candidate replies are tracked via your own email address. You can also link multiple email addresses in the event that you want to send campaigns on behalf of your hiring manager or another recruiter.

When adding other emails the user will need to grant permission to have the outreach messages sent from their email. Any candidate replies will go to their inbox.  

How to set up a "Send on Behalf" email

What to do as the Recruiter

Before getting started, you'll need to link your primary email account first. 

From the Messaging page, select the Settings tab and click Link an Email Account. In the dialogue box that appears, choose Request Email Account Permission and click Continue.


Click Copy Link and share the link with your hiring manager. 


What to do as a Hiring Manager

The hiring manager will click the link and enter their name, email address, and a new password to create a free SeekOut account. This account is required before they can authorize their email as 'Send on Behalf.'


After clicking Done, the hiring manager will then enter their email address and click Log in. They will login to their email account and accept the permissions requested by SeekOut.


Once this step is complete, the hiring manager is finished. 

How to use a Send on Behalf email in a campaign

Confirm that the email is linked to your account by going to Messaging > Settings. The hiring manager's email will be in the section 'Your connected email accounts.'


When you click Start Campaign to start a new campaign, you have the option to choose which email address the campaign should come from.


Note: You can have multiple emails linked to your account, and use a different one for each campaign. Once a campaign is in progress you cannot change the "send from" email address.


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