Exporting Candidates into your Applicant Tracking System

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At SeekOut, we understand that your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is the source of truth for your hiring process. SeekOut integrates with Lever, Greenhouse, Beamery, and many other common platforms so you can seamlessly export candidates from Projects into your ATS

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Once you have set up your integration, exporting candidates is simple. From a project, you can select individuals or select all, click on the "More" command, then select "Export to (your ATS)".  You will then be able to import those candidates into your ATS. 

A few pro tips

It’s a good idea to fetch email and phone information before exporting so that information gets exported to your ATS too. 

Include Previously Exported Candidates: Check this box if you are re-exporting candidates that you have already exported before and want to update. By default, SeekOut keeps track of candidates that have been exported and does not re-export. 

Just in case, here's a primer on Export Credits


SeekOut Supports many common ATS and CRM platforms. For an up-to-date list, along with setup instructions, please start here.


Please contact us for pricing or if you need assistance troubleshooting: support@seekout.io.


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