SeekOut Chrome Extension FAQ and Troubleshooting

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Q: Where can I use the SeekOut Sourcing Assistant?

The SeekOut Sourcing Assistant currently works with profiles from LinkedIn, LinkedIn Recruiter, and Github.

Q: When I click the extension icon I don't see enriched profile information.

Sometimes instead of seeing enriched profile information, you'll see the default message when you open the extension.


If this happens:

  • Make sure you're on a LinkedIn profile page, LI Recruiter profile, or GitHub profile page when you open the extension.
  • Ensure your browser and the extension are both up to date.
  • Sign out of your SeekOut account, then sign back in.
  • Relaunch Chrome.

If you continue to have issues with the extension after following these steps, contact us via live chat or email us at for further assistance.

Q: I am not seeing enhanced Google search results. What's going on? 

Ensure your browser and the extension are both up to date. Try beginning your Google search with this:

Enter your search terms after this line. Your results should look similar to the screenshot below.


Q: How much does it cost to use the SeekOut Sourcing Assistant?

The SeekOut Sourcing Assistant is always free to use. With a free account you can:

  • Save unlimited profiles to a project
  • Export the information in any profile to a spreadsheet
  • Get contact info (email addresses and phone numbers) for 10 candidates per month

Q: What if I want contact information for more than 10 candidates per month?

You can buy additional contact info credits or subscribe to a paid SeekOut plan. To buy additional contact credits, go to and follow the prompts to purchase additional contact credits. If you would like to learn more about SeekOut subscriptions, request a demo here!

Q: What else can I do with a SeekOut subscription?

With a paid subscription to SeekOut, you can use our powerful search features and filters to source across hundreds of millions of candidates. See everything SeekOut has to offer here.

Q: Am I going to get blocked by using the SeekOut Sourcing Assistant?

No. The websites your visit cannot tell you have our Chrome Extension installed.

Q: Tell me more about privacy.

We take your privacy very seriously. Learn more about Your Privacy and the SeekOut Sourcing Assistant.

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