Messaging Campaigns: Tracking Candidate Response

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SeekOut tracks candidate engagement for each messaging campaign. To see the status for each candidate, select a campaign from the Messaging page and click on the Candidates tab.



Active Candidates

Any candidate whose steps are not completed is an active candidate in your message campaign. 

  • Candidate- The candidate's photo, name, current title, and current company.
  • Email- The candidate's email used in the campaign.
  • Status- Campaign status for the candidate.
  • Step 1, Step 2, Step 3, etc.- The status of each step in your campaign.

Click the three-dot menu to the right of a candidate to pause their campaign messaging, or remove the candidate from the campaign.

Complete Candidates

Click View Completed Candidates at the bottom of the Candidates tab to display candidates in your campaign who have stopped receiving messages. A candidate stops receiving messages after all of your steps are completed or after they have replied to one of your steps, whichever comes first.


Hover your mouse over a step to see more information about when and how many times a candidate opened or replied to a message.

Candidate Status Types

These can appear in the Status column on the Candidates tab.

  • Started- The campaign has started and is in progress.
  • NotStarted- The campaign has not started. Click Start Campaign to begin a campaign.
  • Manual Task- The candidate has a manual step on your To-Do list. Complete the step, then visit the To-Do tab to check the task off your list.
  • Completed- The campaign has ended, the candidate will not be sent any more messages or appear on your To-Do list for future steps.
  • Bounced- An email to the candidate bounced.

Step Status Types

These can appear in the Step columns on the Candidates tab.

  • Pending- The campaign has been paused or not yet started, and the step will not occur until starting the campaign. Click Start Campaign to begin a campaign.
  • Scheduled- The step is scheduled to occur at a specific time and date. The time and date are listed next to the status. An automated step like email messaging will occur at the scheduled time, and manual steps will appear on your To-Do list at the scheduled time.
  • Manual Task- The candidate has a manual step on your To-Do list. Complete the step, then visit the To-Do tab to check the task off your list.
  • Stopped- The campaign has been stopped and this step will not occur.
  • Sent- An automated email has been sent, or a manual task has been completed. The time and date the step was completed are listed next to this status.

A candidate replied to one of my messages but my campaign is still sending steps. What happened?

SeekOut tracks replies from emails that are sent via the Messaging feature. When an email bounces or is replied to, the campaign will be automatically stop for that candidate.

In a small percentage of cases, reply tracking may not work correctly and the campaign will continue to send scheduled emails. This can happen if the candidate replies to a different thread after the mail comes back as undeliverable, or if the recipient changes the email subject before replying, among other possible causes.

If this occurs, go to Messaging and open the campaign. Click on the Candidates tab and find the candidate who is still receiving messages. Click the three-dots on their row and select Pause Campaign.

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