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SeekOut helps you engage with multiple prospects at once with messaging campaigns. To enable messaging campaigns, you must connect your email account to SeekOut.

SeekOut Messaging is compatible with multiple email hosts, including Google, Yahoo, Microsoft Outlook 365, and more. 

How to Link your Email

1. Log in via SeekOut

From your SeekOut dashboard, select Messaging from the left navigation menu, then click on the Settings tab.


Click Link an email account, check the box next to Your email account, and then click Continue. 


Type in your email and click Sign In, and you will be taken to your email account's login page. Login using your email address and password.

2. Enable Permissions

After logging in, your mail host may ask you to accept permissions. Make sure to accept all permissions asked by SeekOut, including the ability to view email message metadata labels and headers and the ability to send mail on your behalf.

The permissions screen will look different depending on your mail host. Below is an example of Google's permissions screen when linking your email to SeekOut.


3. Confirm your account is connected

When your account has been linked, you will be automatically returned to the Messaging Settings tab. Your linked email address will be in the section 'Your connected email accounts.'


Linking another person's email

You can link other people's email to SeekOut, such as your hiring manager or another recruiter. From the Messaging > Settings tab, click Link an email account. Check the box next to Request Email Account Permission, and click Continue. 

The Request Permission pop-up will appear with a unique link. Click Copy Link to copy the link to your clipboard. Share this link with your coworker


When you have multiple email addresses linked to SeekOut, you can choose which email to send from before starting a campaign.

My coworker sent me a link requesting access to my email. What do I do?

  • If you already have a SeekOut account...
    • Open the link, then click Sign In at the bottom of the page and sign into your SeekOut account.
  • If you don't have a SeekOut account...
    • Open the link, create a free account by entering your name, email, and password, then click Done.

Once you're logged into SeekOut, click Grant Permission.


Type in your email and click Sign In, and you will be taken to your email account's login page. Login to your email account, and allow the permissions requested by SeekOut if you are prompted.

Technical Stuff

How does SeekOut link to my email?

We use the third-party provider Nylas to link your email to SeekOut.

SeekOut generates the email messages to be sent to candidates. Nylas' API connects to the recruiters email outbox to send them. Nylas monitors the Inbox for replies to any of those sent messages and reports the metadata about those replies back to SeekOut. SeekOut cannot see the message body of a candidate response.

Email Security

Nylas is a well-established, US-based company with hundreds of enterprise customers. They have very strong security protocols including SOC 2 Type II certification and Privacy Shield certification.

Read about Nylas' security and privacy here.

We're happy to discuss security in greater detail with your IT/Infosec team at

Microsoft Azure AD - How to select which emails Nylas can access

This is for organizations using Microsoft hosted email and Azure Active Directory. Follow these steps if you don't want to give Nylas access to all emails in your org, and instead choose the email accounts that Nylas will have access to.

Find and search for the application SeekOut Messaging in Azure AD. Then navigate to the Users and Groups section.


Click the Add user/group button to select the email accounts that Nylas will have access to.

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