Credit Pooling: Share credits for contacts, exports, and more across your team

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Credit Pooling allows users in your organization to share contact and export credits. This is useful when team members in your org have varying workloads throughout the year.

For example, if your organization has ten standard SeekOut licenses and turns on credit-pooling, each user will now share a pool of 5,000 contact information credits each month.

Enabling Credit Pooling

To use Credit Pooling in your organization, contact your Customer Success Manager or

Sharing Contact Details

When Credit Pooling is enabled, both credits and contact details are shared by everyone in your organization. If one person spends one contact credit to reveal the email for a candidate, that email becomes visible on search pages and within projects to users in your entire organization without having to spend additional credits.

If your users all have their own individual credit allowances - which is the default setting - candidate contact details are private to the person that requested them, and not shown to any other users in your organization.

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