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SeekOut's Company Alumni filter is a powerful tool, unique to SeekOut, that allows you to quickly find people who have left a specific company and gain deep insights into who those people are, and where they went.


Using the Company Alumni filter is easy!

Simply enter a Company Name into the text field, then select the date range. The resulting search will show only profiles of people who left the company during that time period.


Of course, you can apply the Alumni Filter to any search, or combine with Power Filters and Boolean strings for deep matching.

Tip: You can use the Company Alumni filter to learn more about your own organization.

Let's see what happens when we combine the the Company Alumni filter with People Insights!


Here I've set the Company Alumni filter to show me people who have left Google in the last 2 years. Then I've switched over to the People Insights view to get a graphical representation of this talent pool.

Based on this we see a rich set of insights that allows us to understand the talent pool based on skills, experience, role, location, education - even diversity.

Using these insights you start to think strategically about how you can develop campaigns to target similar employees or even improve your own retention programs!








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