Which candidate email does SeekOut use for messaging?

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When you click Get Email, SeekOut will often return multiple email addresses for a candidate.


Email addresses are listed in order of relevancy. When a candidate with multiple email addresses is added to a messaging campaign, SeekOut will send emails to the first address listed on their profile.

Change Preferred Address Type

Recipient Email Setting

To change which types of email addresses are used for a campaign, select the campaign and go to the Settings tab.


Choose Work Address or Personal Address from the Prefer dropdown to change which type of email SeekOut will use for this messaging campaign. By default, SeekOut will automatically use a work address if a candidate in your campaign doesn't have a personal address, and vice versa. To disable this for a campaign, check the box If preferred email address type isn't available, don't send to other address types.

See the article What do the icons next to email addresses and phone numbers mean? for more information on address types.

Campaign Candidate - Fields

You can change the email address and information fields used for a candidate within an individual campaign. From your Messaging page, select a campaign and click the Candidates tab. Click on a candidate to open the Campaign Candidate dialogue box.


Click on the Fields tab to edit information about the candidate. These changes are only reflected within the campaign and do not affect the candidate's SeekOut profile.

List of Fields

  • Full Name
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Candidate's Company
  • Candidate's Title
  • Email

When you're done, click Update to save your changes to your campaign. Click Done to close the dialogue box.

Use this address first

When looking at a candidate profile within a project, click on an email address and select Use this address first in messaging campaign. The email will be highlighted in green.


When this candidate is added to a new messaging campaign, SeekOut will always send messages to the highlighted email. This setting overrides Recipient Email Preference.

Manually add an email address to a candidate profile

Add an email address to a candidate by clicking the plus sign next to the emails in their profile.


Select the address type from the dropdown - Personal, Business, or Other - and enter the email into the text field. Click Save to save the email to the profile. Saved emails are marked with a green circle.


Only you can see the emails that you manually add to a candidate. Other users in your organization cannot see your manually added emails.

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