What is Talent Rediscovery?

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Many enterprises want to source candidates from their Applicant Tracking System (ATS). These candidates already have a relationship with the company and are more likely to respond to outreach messages.

Unfortunately, it's challenging to find candidates from an ATS (or CRM). Most ATSes don't have great search capability and – even if they did – the search would be over old resume information. The ATS has the data from when the candidate applied; it doesn't have any updates about what the candidate has done in the years since then.

SeekOut can solve this problem by letting you rediscover candidates from your ATS or CRM. With the integration between your ATS and SeekOut, you'll have ability to use SeekOut's capabilities to search the up-to-date profiles of candidates you've engaged with in the past. 

With SeekOut's Talent Rediscovery, you can answer questions like:

  • Where are all our runner up candidates working now?
  • What companies do the candidates who rejected our offers work for now?
  • Which former applicants best match a job description based on their most recent experience?
  • Which candidates are completely new to us?
  • & more.

How Talent Rediscovery with SeekOut Works

Talent Rediscovery with SeekOut involves two steps:

  1. Matching the candidates in your ATS (or CRM) with the up-to-date profiles for those candidates in SeekOut
  2. Adding any additional ATS data to SeekOut necessary to enable your use cases

The following sections describe how those steps happen.

Matching Candidates

The first step to enabling Talent Rediscovery with SeekOut is to match the outdated profile in the ATS with the up-to-date candidate profile in SeekOut. SeekOut will use any ATS data you provide to do this match, including:

  • Name, company, title, or other fields
  • LinkedIn profile URL
  • PDF resume

We use this data only to find the correct person in SeekOut and note whether they are in your ATS or not. This information is not shared with any other SeekOut customer and is deleted once the match is attempted.

Once this step is complete, you'll have the ability to filter SeekOut to show only candidates who are already in (or not in) your ATS. You'll also have the ability to search the up-to-date profiles of any of the candidates.

This matching process happens regularly (typically daily or weekly) so new candidates in your ATS are always matched with their profile in SeekOut.

Importing ATS Fields into SeekOut 

Talent Rediscovery with SeekOut is more powerful if you import a small number of fields from your ATS into SeekOut. The data you import is up to you, but typically includes:

  • Last Contact/Update Date
  • Status
  • Prospect vs. Candidate (if your ATS supports prospects)
  • Rejection Reason
  • Recruiter/Owner

For instance, importing the last contact date allows you to filter by candidates your team hasn't reached out to in the past 6 months. Importing the Recruiter/Owner field makes it easy for your recruiters to efficiently coordinate with one another. And including Status and Rejection Reason allows you to find all candidates who were your Silver Medalist candidates.

Our integration engineers work with your team to decide on the use cases you want to support. Those use cases and your security policies determine how much data is imported to SeekOut.

Any data imported from your ATS is kept separate from any other SeekOut customers and is not used by SeekOut to update the public profile database.

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