What do I do if I see an error message in my campaigns?

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Our Messaging and Campaign features utilize your own mail servers to send email. When something goes wrong it's usually due to a change in your email address, password, or server. Though occasionally it's just gremlins.


If your campaigns are unexpectedly pausing, unable to be started, or generating other errors - you may need to reset the connection between SeekOut and your email servers.


We do this by re-linking your email account.

  • In the Messaging section, find the email account in question, and click on Remove
  • Next, click on Link an Email Account and follow the prompts
  • This should solve the vast majority of email or campaign related problems.

If the error persists please reach out to us at support@seekout.io or start a conversation by using the chat-box in the bottom-right corner of your screen.


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