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A Project is a workspace within SeekOut where you can save candidates for a specific job, collaborate with your team, or share candidates with your hiring manager.


Watch the video below to see an overview of working with projects in SeekOut, or keep scrolling to read more information.

Create a New Project

Create a project for each role you're sourcing for. You can create one by navigating to the Projects section and clicking the Create New button at the top right. Give your project a descriptive name and click Create.

Add Candidates to a Project

As you run searches, you can save specific candidates to a new or existing project. You can do this individually by clicking Add to Project in the candidate profile. Select Create New + to make a new project and automatically add the candidate to it or pick an existing project from the list.


Add multiple candidates at a time by checking the box next to each candidate then clicking Add X to Project from the ribbon at the bottom of the page.


Add an entire search page to a project by clicking Add Page to Project at the top of the candidate list.

Candidates are displayed in a project in the order you added them, with newly added candidates listed first.

SeekOut Project UI and Icons

At the top of the list of candidates in your project, you'll find a set of button icons. Hover your mouse over each button to see what it does.

  • Email - Get Email for all candidates on the page
  • Phone - Get Phone Number for all candidates on the page
  • Export - Export all candidates to a spreadsheet or an ATS
  • More - Change candidate statuses, tags, add them to a new project or messaging campaign, or remove all candidates on the page from your project.

Remove Candidates from a Project

Go to the Projects section, then click on a project to open it and view the candidates inside. Find the candidate you want to remove, click More Actions, and select Remove from Project.


Sharing Projects

See the support article Sharing Projects with Teammates and Hiring Managers.

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