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Nick Doumlele

Once you've identified good candidates and added them to a project, you might be wondering what's next. Your SeekOut plan includes credits for finding email addresses and phone numbers so you can connect with your candidates.

Watch the video below to learn how and when to request contact info, or keep scrolling to read on.


Contact Credits

You will use your contact credits to request contact info. See the article How contact info credits are counted for more details.

Request info for one

Go to a candidate profile and click Get Email or Get Phone. The candidate's contact info will appear in the information box below.


SeekOut ranks candidate emails using a machine learning classifier to predict and display the best email address to use. Click More to see more email addresses from the candidate.

Request info for some

Check the box next to each candidate profile. Select Get Email or Get Phone from the ribbon at the bottom of the screen.


Request info for all

Scroll to the top of the page and click Get Email for All or Get Phone for All. This will reveal contact information for all of the candidates in the project.


To change how many candidates are listed per page, scroll to the bottom and make a new choice from the Show results per page dropdown. 


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