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What are SeekOut Messaging Campaigns?

Messaging Campaigns are used to reach out to the candidates you find on SeekOut. Candidates can be added to a campaign from an existing Project, or by uploading a list of candidates in a CSV file.

How to Create a Messaging Campaign

Select Messaging in the left nav menu to manage your messaging campaigns.

The first time you visit the Messaging page, you'll be asked to link your email. See the article How to connect your email account to SeekOut for steps on how to link your email to SeekOut. Linking your email is required to use messaging campaigns.

Click New Campaign at the top right of the Messaging page to create a new campaign. You will choose from three options.


Create New Campaign

Enter a name and description for your messaging campaign. Click Next to create the campaign. You will add steps and candidates to your campaign manually.

Create from Playbook

Playbooks automatically create outreach steps for you. Select a playbook from the list and click Create from Playbook. You will add candidates to your campaign manually.

Copy Existing Campaign

Select an existing campaign and click Create from Existing Campaign. The steps from that campaign will be copied over to your new campaign. You will add candidates to your campaign manually.

Creating New Steps

Choose a campaign from the Messaging page, then select the Campaign tab. Click Add a Step to choose which type of step you want to add.


You can only Add a Step to a campaign that hasn't been started. Once you click Start Campaign, the steps are locked and can't be changed or removed. Please pause your current campaign, then start a new campaign and use the Copy Existing Campaign option to create a new version of the campaign that can be edited.

Types of Steps

Messaging Campaigns support the following steps:

Automated: These steps are done automatically by SeekOut.

  • Email Message- Create a new email message, and automatically send that email to candidates in your campaign.
  • Template- Reuse a saved email template, and automatically send that email to candidates in that campaign.

Manual: These steps appear on your To-Do tab. Once you manually complete a step, check the step off your To-Do list.

  • Call- Create a reminder to call the candidate's phone number.
  • Text- Create a reminder to send the candidate a text message.
  • LinkedIn Mail- Create a reminder to send a LinkedIn InMail.
  • LinkedIn Request- Create a reminder to connect with the candidate on LinkedIn.

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