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SeekOut Expert is a unique capability of some SeekOut subscriptions which give you access to nearly tens of millions of engineering, computer science, and life sciences experts. This people-centric search engine allows you to find candidates based on their research papers, conference presentations, and patents.

The UI of SeekOut Expert allows you to find candidates in a number of ways, including searching by Topic, Conference, Affiliation, and more. Sometimes, however, you may want to use Boolean to construct a very specific query. When you do, you can use the field-based search strings below to narrow your search.

You use the field-based syntax with keywords, quoted phrases, or Boolean strings. Here are some examples:


Returns candidates who currently work for Google.

conferences:(CLEO OR OFC)

Returns candidates who submitted their work to the CLEO or OFC conferences.

cur_title:(data OR (scientist OR engineer))

Finds candidates who currently have the terms data, data scientist, or data engineer in their job title.


Finds candidates who have patents containing the term whitelisting in the patent name or description.

Field Name Operators

Here's the list of supported field-based search terms:

  • city:
  • state:
  • country:
  • headline:
  • industry:
  • summary:
  • cur_company:
  • cur_title:
  • past_companies:
  • past_titles:
  • patents:
  • publications:
  • education:
  • grad_year:
  • schools:
  • majors:
  • degrees:
  • diversity:
  • skills:
  • affiliation:   (note: this searches last affiliation only)
  • affiliations:     (this searches all affiliations)
  • categories:
  • sub_categories:
  • tags:
  • conferences:
  • conf_instances:
  • publishers:
  • early_career:     (note: this takes values true or false)
  • student:       (note: this takes values true or false)
  • li_url:
  • location:
  • full_name:
  • journals:
  • doc_types:
  • pub_years:

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