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SeekOut Expert is a unique capability of some SeekOut subscriptions which give you access to nearly 100 million engineering, computer science, and life sciences experts. This people-centric search engine allows you to find candidates based on their research papers, conference presentations, and patents.

The UI of SeekOut Expert allows you to find candidates in a number of ways, including searching by Topic, Conference, Affiliation, and more. Sometimes, however, you may want to use Boolean to construct a very specific query. When you do, you can use the field-based search strings below to narrow your search.

You use the field-based syntax with keywords, quoted phrases, or Boolean strings. Here are some examples:


conferences:(NIPS OR SIGCHI)

cur_title:(data OR (scientist OR engineer))

Field Name Operators

Here's the list of supported field-based search terms:

  • city:
  • state:
  • country:
  • headline:
  • industry:
  • summary:
  • cur_company:
  • cur_title:
  • past_companies:
  • past_titles:
  • education:
  • grad_year:
  • schools:
  • majors:
  • degrees:
  • diversity:
  • publications:       (note: this takes values true or false)
  • patents:      (note: this takes values true or false)
  • skills:
  • affiliation:   (note: this searches last affiliation only)
  • affiliations:     (this searches all affiliations)
  • categories:
  • sub_categories:
  • tags:
  • conferences:
  • conf_instances:
  • publishers:
  • early_career:     (note: this takes values true or false)
  • student:       (note: this takes values true or false)

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