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Power Filters provide one-click access to a growing number of candidate attributes. Because you don't have to rely on long Boolean strings, power filters make complex sourcing tasks much easier.

A few examples of who you can find with power filters:

  • In-demand tech and non-tech roles, from DevOps to Registered Nurses
  • Candidates from groups such as top eCommerce companies or largest consulting firms
  • Candidates who are likely to have US Work Authorization or Security Clearances



How to Access Power Filters

Power Filters are found on the Search page underneath the Keywords box, to the left of the candidate profiles. Your five most recently used power filters are listed in this section. Click More Power Filters to open a pop-up and browse all available power filters.


 Use the search box at the top of the pop-up to find specific power filters. Check the box next to a power filter and click Done to apply it to your search.


Using Power Filters

Check the box next to a Power Filter to apply it to your search. If we have a Power Filter for it, you'll get better results by using the Power Filter instead of a complex keyword or Boolean string.

For instance, instead of using a long Boolean string to find a Full Stack developer who also knows SEO, just select the Full Stack Power Filter and put the unique requirement in the keywords box.


Adding a Power Filter to your Favorites

Click the star next to any power filter to add it to your Favorites list. The Favorites list will automatically hide if you don't have any favorited power filters.


Custom Power Filters

Create your own

See the article Create your own power filters for steps on how to make your own.

Get more help

Reach out to your Customer Success Manager or email support@seekout.com to get more help creating a power filter.

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