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As with Public Profile search, SeekOut supports a wide range of field-specific search capabilities in GitHub candidate search.

Field Search

To find words in a specific part of the candidate's profile, use the structure fieldname:searchterm


This finds anyone with architect somewhere in their title. 

Boolean operators can be used with these field searches:

grad_year:2020 AND cur_title:("business analyst" OR engineer)

This finds anyone who graduated college in 2020 and has a current title containing "business analyst" or "engineer."

You can also use wildcard operators in field searches:


This finds anyone whose current title includes a word starting with "arch" (e.g., architect, archer, etc.)

Field Name Operators

Here are the fields you can use to search within the keyword box in Github Search:

  • full_name
  • locations
  • skills
  • industry
  • summary
  • cur_company
  • cur_title
  • cur_job_desc
  • past_companies
  • past_titles
  • schools
  • majors
  • degrees
  • grad_year
  • contrib_repos
  • diversity

  • topics

  • personal_repos

  • websites

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