How do I send a single email to a candidate?

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SeekOut helps you identify candidates, find their contact information, and engage with multiple prospects at once with messaging campaigns.

You can also send ad-hoc messages to individuals based on a messaging template you create.

How to Email a Candidate

Step 1: Creating Templates

Select Messaging from the left navigation menu, and then click the Templates tab.


The first time you visit the Messaging tab, you'll be asked to link your email. See the article Everything you need to know about connecting your email account for steps on how to link your email to SeekOut, or click Not Now to skip this step.

Click Create Template to open the template creation pop-up. Fill in the Template Name, Message Subject, and Message Body fields.

Use the Insert Field buttons above the subject and body to place candidate-specific fields like their name, company, title, etc. The placeholders in blue will be filled in with the candidate's information when you send an email.


When you've finished, click Save to store your template. 

Step 2: Sending an Email

To contact a candidate in a project, click the Message button on their SeekOut profile, then choose Quick email.

You have to use the Get Email button to retrieve the candidate's contact information before you can send them a quick email. See the article How and when to request contact information for more info.

In the Create Quick Message pop-up, choose your template and select the email you want to send to. Click Copy message to clipboard to copy the message to your clipboard so you can paste it manually into your email client, or Open in email to compose your email in your default email client.

Setting your default email client

Windows 10

Click the Windows Search Box at the bottom left of your screen and search for "default apps." Choose Default apps - System settings in the search suggestions.


In the Default apps window, click the icon under Email to select your default email app from the list.


MacOS Big Sur

  1. Open the Mail app.
  2. Choose Mail > Preferences, then click the General tab.
  3. Choose an email app from the ”Default email reader” dropdown menu.


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