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Welcome! Watch the video to get to know SeekOut, or keep reading for a general overview.


SeekOut's search box can handle your queries

Do you search with keywords or Boolean expressions? With SeekOut, you'll get relevant results no matter how you like to construct your queries.

  • Enter keywords or a phrase and SeekOut will use natural language and machine learning to bring back the best results.
  • Use Boolean if you want more control over the logic in your query. If you're used to created x-ray searches with Boolean, however, you will likely get even better results using SeekOut's filters. To learn more, see X-Ray Search vs. SeekOut Search.
  • SeekOut's Advanced Search syntax lets you search with field-based queries, wildcards, words near each other, and more.

Learn more about SeekOut's Search Capabilities


Refine results with powerful filters

SeekOut lets you refine your results with dozens of powerful filters. In addition to radius location search, company, title, and years of experience, you can use Diversity Filters and more to pinpoint the exact candidates you want. Create custom power filters for your organization that make sourcing a snap.

Learn more about Power Filters


Organize and export your candidates

Save candidates into projects and export all candidate details to an Excel spreadsheet to use with other parts of your workflow. 

Learn more about SeekOut Projects and Exports


Get contact information - emails and social profiles - with one click

When you're ready to contact candidates, SeekOut can locate verified emails and phone numbers for candidates. You can request contact information for one or hundreds of candidates with one click. In real time, SeekOut retrieves the most recent addresses and social profiles.

Learn more about getting contact information


Integrate with your ATS

SeekOut integrates with a growing number of Applicant Tracking Systems and Candidate Relationship Management software. Export candidates to your ATS with a click or rediscover silver-medal prospects from your existing resumes and talent pool.

Learn more about the types of integrations SeekOut offers


Create drip campaigns and manage your outreach to candidates

SeekOut includes the ability for recruiters to send automated multi-step email campaigns to candidates. Sending multiple emails in this way greatly increases the likelihood the candidate will respond. 

Learn more about messaging


Getting help

Our Customer Success Team is here to help.

If you need assistance, you can Live Chat with us (during business hours) by clicking in the chat icon in the lower-right of your screen when logged into SeekOut.

Feel free to email us on and we'll get back to you with 24 hours.

We'd also love to hear your feedback and suggestions as we are always looking for ways to make the site more useful for you.


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