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Beginner's Boolean in SeekOut

Learn how to expand your sourcing game with Customer Success Manager Matt Guirgis as he explains the basics of Boolean using SeekOut's search functionality.

Tips & Tricks

Learn a variety of tips and tricks to maximize your sourcing game with SeekOut. Join SeekOut's OG CSM Mike Kniefel as he shares info on power filters, sharing projects, and reviewing Github profiles.

Advanced Boolean in SeekOut

Former recruiter and lifelong Boolean wizard Eric Jaquith shares his tips and tricks to save time and help avoid common pit falls people run into with Boolean search. Are all welcome but a baseline knowledge of Boolean is recommended.

Performance-Based Hiring with Lou Adler

Industry expert and best-selling author Lou Adler joins SeekOut's Head of Customer Success Ed Pedini and shows how you can leverage a performance-based approach when hiring for any critical position.

Sourcing Technical Talent

Finding prospects in the tech world can be challenging, especially when you're sourcing for passive candidates. Join Customer Success Manager Aaron Cuellar as he shows you how to use SeekOut's AI-powered people search engine to find diverse professionals in the tech industry.

Expert Search

SeekOut's Director of Customer Success Ed Pedini shares his insight on sourcing for academics and experts, and shows how SeekOut Expert Search can save hours of your time.

Messaging Deep Dive

Customer Success Manager Mike Deeb goes in-depth on sending messages with SeekOut, including tips from his ten-plus years of recruiting experience.

Sourcing Cleared Candidates

Finding cleared candidates for mission-critical government, defense, aerospace, and intelligence roles can be a challenge for many enterprises. Join John Tippett, SeekOut's Head of Product, for a discussion on SeekOut’s Enhanced Clearance Filters. Enhanced Clearance Filters give 5x more results than any other tool and the ability to filter by 12 precise levels of clearance and access, from Public Trust to Top Secret to Yankee White.

Drive Diversity Sourcing with SeekOut

Customer Success Manager Mike Deeb joins Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist at West Monroe Gage Nordlof as they discuss their onboarding process at SeekOut. Topics covered include using diversity tags to hone in on diverse candidate pools, leveraging Insights to improve your sourcing strategy, and increasing candidate response rates with personalized messaging.

A Data Driven Approach to DEI

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Strategist Jackye Clayton discusses data-driven diversity strategies that can secure your company’s diversity hiring goals, and she’ll showcase how it can be done with SeekOut.

People Insights

SeekOut’s Director of Customer Success and former recruiter Ed Pedini shows us how to leverage People Insights to drive hiring strategies. If you have ever had questions like: “What companies do my competitors frequently hire from?” or “What geographic regions have the most talent for the roles I’m sourcing for?” then this training is for you!

Technical Sourcing

Customer Success Manager Mike Deeb shares some of what he's learned in his ten years of technical recruiting, as well as a deep dive on sourcing from Github.


Candidate Engagement Best Practices

Strategic sourcing expert Jeremy Roberts walks us through best practices for engaging passive candidates.

Level Up Your Sourcing Game

SeekOut CEO Anoop Gupta chats with Sarah Goldberg, Sourcing Engagement Lead at Objective Paradigm, about different ways sourcers can work smarter to source high volumes of candidates.

Topics Include:

  • How you can structure your day for an efficient & effective workflow
  • How to balance new tools and old techniques
  • Sourcing tips & tricks


From Job Description to Quality Hire

Learn how Larry Hernandez, Diversity Talent Sourcer at Microsoft, turns a simple job description and requirements into:

  • Robust search strings
  • A simple and repeatable process
  • An optimized and automated process using SeekOut Robot and Power filters


Building Successful Sourcing Strategies with Talent Insights

Hear how Marc Hamel, Senior Technical Recruiter at Amazon, unpacks successful sourcing strategies you can put to use today. Learn how to:

  • Understand the talent market
  • Influence leaders with data
  • Develop sourcing strategies based on market research


Understanding SeekOut Unified Profiles


In this 17-minute webinar, SeekOut CEO Anoop Gupta and Head of Product John Tippett discuss how Unified Profiles expose what candidates have actually done, not just what they have said about themselves.

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