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This article covers Tags and Statuses within SeekOut, as well as how team administrators can manage tags and statuses for their organization.


Tags are used to assign attributes to candidates in SeekOut. You can apply a tag to any candidate profile by clicking the Add Tag button, then selecting the tag from the dropdown menu that appears below.


By default, the following tags are available for you to choose from:

  • Do Not Contact
  • Ignore
  • Priority
  • Rockstar

Tags are visible to all SeekOut users within your organization.

Tagging Candidates in Bulk

Multiple candidates in a project can be tagged at one time. Go to your project, select the candidates you want to tag by checking the box next to their profile, then click More at the top of the candidate list and select Tag X.



Statuses are used to set the current stage a candidate is in within a project. You can apply a status to a candidate by opening a project, then clicking the pencil icon next to the status at the top right of their profile and selecting a status from the dropdown list.


By default, the following statuses are available for you to choose from:

  • Applied
  • Contacted
  • Not Contacted
  • Not Qualified
  • Screened
  • None

Statuses are only visible within the project that they are applied.

Team Administrator Control

Administrators can add new Tags and Statuses for their organization. As an admin, click your initials on the top right of the dashboard, then select Team Administration. Click on the Org Settings tab to access tags and statuses.


To create a new tag or status, click the blue Create Tag/Status button on this page. Enter the name of your tag/status and click Save. Tags and statuses cannot share the same name as an existing tag or status.

Existing tags and statuses can be edited or deleted by clicking the Edit or Delete buttons on the row you wish to change.

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