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Here are some real-life examples of searches from users of SeekOut using Boolean. Got a tip or a creative search you'd like to share? Email

Creative Searches

Enter these terms in the Keywords field on the search page.


Some searches on this page use a combination of Boolean and power filters. Click the link in the header to go directly to that search in a new tab.

Improve relevance by focusing on specific fields/sections of a profile

headline:(react* OR angular* OR vue*) OR 
summary:(react* OR angular* OR vue*) OR
cur_title:(react* OR angular* OR vue*) OR
past_titles:(react* OR angular* OR vue*) OR
positions/description:(react* OR angular* OR vue*)

Displays candidates who have the terms react*, angular*, or vue* in specific parts of their profile.

Identify candidates who indicate fluency in another language

("fluent french"~4) OR ("native french"~4) OR ("bilingual french"~4)

Displays candidates where the word French appears within 4 words of the words fluent, native, or bilingual (for example "fluent in French").

Identify candidates who lived/studied/worked somewhere else before their current location

Prior Locations (Europe)

Displays candidates that were previously located in Bristol or Edinburgh in the UK, but now are based out of London.

Prior Locations (North America)

Displays candidates who live in the US today, but lived in Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, or Panama previously.

Search for Top-notch Sales Professionals (Quota Achievement)

Use the wildcard operator ? to replace a single digit.

summary: (quota (1?? OR 2?? OR 3??)) OR
summary: ("president's club" OR "chairman's circle" OR "sales club") OR
positions/description: (quota (1?? OR 2?? OR 3??))

Displays candidates that have obtained 100% to 300% of their sales quota or who have won prestigious sales titles.

Find Early-in-Career Talent

Given many candidates will not add education to their profile until after they have graduated, consider expanding your search by looking at other relevant data.

Displays candidates that have added an upcoming graduation year, mentioned they are graduating in their summary or position description, or who are currently interns. You can also layer on HBCUs, other top universities, etc. using power filters and keywords.

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