What happens if a message bounces?

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Nick Doumlele
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If an email sent from your messaging campaign bounces, SeekOut will automatically send your email to the candidate's next available email address and continue the campaign with that email. 

When you check the box If preferred email address type isn't available, don't send to other address types, SeekOut will only automatically continue with the email preference you've selected (Personal Address or Work Address).


What happens if the candidate doesn't have another email?

When there are no more available email addresses, the campaign is stopped for that candidate and no further steps are sent. These candidates have a status of Bounced.

If the candidate does not have any other valid email addresses and their status remains as Bounced, then SeekOut will automatically refund the contact credit you used to get the candidate's email.

How can I check a candidate's status in my Campaign?

From the Messaging page, select a campaign and click the Candidates tab to see the status of all candidates in that campaign. 


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