What happens if a message bounces?

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From the Messaging page, select a campaign and click the Candidates tab to see the status of all candidates in that campaign. 


When an email sent during a message campaign bounces, the campaign is stopped for that candidate and no further steps are sent. These candidates will have a status of 'Bounced.'

Restart a campaign for a Bounced candidate

1. Remove the candidate from the campaign.

Click the three-dot context button to the right of the candidate and select Remove from Campaign.


2. Find the candidate in your project.

Choose a new email, and select Use this address first in messaging campaigns. The email will be highlighted in green.


3. Add the candidate back to the messaging campaign.

Click the Message button and select Add to Campaign.


Choose your campaign from the dropdown menu, and click Add to Campaign. Your candidate will be re-added to the campaign, and within 20 minutes SeekOut will begin sending messages to the candidate's new email starting with step 1.

A campaign that has paused or finished all of its steps will not automatically restart. Go to the campaign page and click Start Campaign after you re-add a candidate to a finished campaign.



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