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What is Team Connections?

Team Connections creates an extended network from the LinkedIn connections of your non-recruiter teammates. You or your recruiters can then use SeekOut to filter this network and find candidates.

Who can access Team Connections?

Team Connections is currently available to select SeekOut plans. Please contact your Customer Success Manager if you're interested in using Team Connections in your organization.

The Team Connections extension works on Chrome and Chromium-based Edge. Ensure your browser is up to date before installing the extension.

Manage Team Connections

Click your initials at the top right, and select Team Referral.


Choose a team from the dropdown menu to open the team referrals management page, or click Create New Team to create a new team.

Creating Teams

Click Create New Team, and type the name of a team within your company (such as Engineering, Customer Support, Marketing, Product, etc). Click Save to create the team and open the team referrals management page.


Team Referrals Management Page

After you create a new team or select an existing team from the dropdown menu, the Team Referrals management page opens.


Select a team from the SeekOut Referral Teams dropdown menu to manage that team. Each team has two sections: Recruiters and Connections.


The Recruiters section displays the recruiters assigned to the selected referral team. Click Add Recruiter to assign a recruiter to the team, and click the three-dot menu next to a name and select Remove to remove a recruiter from the team.

Note: Only users with an active SeekOut license in your organization can be added as a recruiter.


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Sharing a Referral Link

Each referral team has a unique URL. Click Share Link to view the URL, copy it to your clipboard, and share the link with your coworkers in that team.


When a coworker clicks on the link, they will be guided to install the Team Connections chrome extension and upload their connections to SeekOut. See the section How to Upload for more information. 

Ask for Feedback

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How to Upload

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How to view Team Connections

Candidates will appear in the Team Connections tab within 24 hours of being uploaded with the SeekOut Connection extension.

Why didn't all of my connections get uploaded?

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