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Level Up Your Sourcing Game

SeekOut CEO Anoop Gupta chats with Sarah Goldberg, Sourcing Engagement Lead at Objective Paradigm, about different ways sourcers can work smarter to source high volumes of candidates.

Topics Include:

  • How you can structure your day for an efficient & effective workflow
  • How to balance new tools and old techniques
  • Sourcing tips & tricks


From Job Description to Quality Hire

Learn how Larry Hernandez, Diversity Talent Sourcer at Microsoft, turns a simple job description and requirements into:

  • Robust search strings
  • A simple and repeatable process
  • An optimized and automated process using SeekOut Robot and Power filters


Building Successful Sourcing Strategies with Talent Insights

Hear how Marc Hamel, Senior Technical Recruiter at Amazon, unpacks successful sourcing strategies you can put to use today. Learn how to:

  • Understand the talent market
  • Influence leaders with data
  • Develop sourcing strategies based on market research


Understanding SeekOut Unified Profiles


In this 17-minute webinar, SeekOut CEO Anoop Gupta and Head of Product John Tippett discuss how Unified Profiles expose what candidates have actually done, not just what they have said about themselves.

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