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There are two types of connections between SeekOut and Greenhouse: Export (1-way) and Rediscovery (2-way). Each connection requires different set-up and offers different features.

Export (1-way)

SeekOut integrates with your Greenhouse account, allowing you to export candidate data from SeekOut and turn it into Greenhouse candidate profiles, complete with contact information and work/education history. SeekOut candidate data can be sent to Greenhouse as prospects, or they can be attached to an existing job.

To learn how to set up and use the Export integration, see the article Greenhouse (Export / 1-way).

Rediscovery (2-way)

Sort through candidate data from your ATS using SeekOut's powerful search engine and filters. Your Greenhouse data is mirrored within SeekOut every day, and SeekOut enriches your data with social links, work, and education history. Greenhouse Stage and Status filters are available in a collapsible search menu.

To learn how to set up and use the Rediscovery integration, see the article Greenhouse (Rediscovery / 2-way).

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