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If you have a LinkedIn Recruiter account, you can export profiles from your project pipelines and into SeekOut. SeekOut will automatically enrich the data with their full background, education, profile photos, and contact information.

Export from LinkedIn Recruiter

Log into LI Recruiter and go to your project pipeline. Select the profiles on the page you want to export and select Save to CSV from the options at the top.


LinkedIn Recruiter limits you to exporting 25 profiles at one time and 100 profiles per day.

Import to SeekOut

Login to your SeekOut account. Go to the Projects page and click Create New. Name your project and click Create to add the new project to your project list.

Click on your newly created project to open it up, and click Upload Candidates to open the Bulk Upload dialog.



Drag and drop your file or click Upload File and select your CSV file from LI Recruiter. The Content Mapping window will appear. 


Use the dropdown menus to match your file headers with the SeekOut field names. The field name for Profile URL must be LinkedInUrl in order for the imported profiles to be successfully matched to their SeekOut profile.

For any headers in your file that don't have a SeekOut field equivalent, like Notes or Active Project, choose Select Field Name or Ignore Column from the dropdown menu.

When you're done, click Confirm Mapping to begin the upload.

See the article Candidate profile uploads and data enrichment for more information on importing candidate profiles into SeekOut.

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