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This article is for setting up a two-way integration between SeekOut and Workday. To learn about the one-way export feature, see our article here.

SeekOut integrates with Workday, allowing you to import candidate data from Workday providing the ability to use SeekOut's capabilities to search the up-to-date profiles of candidates you've engaged with in the past.

Before You Begin

Make sure you have access to the following APIs in Workday:

  • Get_Candidates
  • Get_Candidate_Attachments
  • Get_Job_Requisitions
  • Get_Job_Postings

Setting up the Workday Integration

You will need to do the following in Workday:

  • Create a new ISU account
  • Create a new Security group
  • Add the ISU account to the security group
  • Add permissions to the security group
  • Activate your security changes
  • Copy your service endpoint
  • Copy your tenant name
  • Optional: Whitelist IP addresses

Create a new ISU account in Workday for your SeekOut integration

Login to Workday, search for Create Integration System User, and run the task. Enter a user name and password. Uncheck the box Require New Password at Next Sign In. Ensure that Session Timeout Minutes is set to 0. Click OK to create the new user.


Copy the username and password somewhere safe; you will be entering this into SeekOut later.

Create new Security Group

Search for Create Security Group and run the task. Select Integration System Security Group (Unconstrained) from the Type of Tenanted Security Group dropdown, and name your security group something easy to remember like seekout2way. Click OK to go to the next step.

On the next page, use the search box next to the Integration System Users field to find your username. Make sure your username is added to this box. Click OK.


Click Done on the next page to finish creating the security group.

Add Permissions to Security Group

There are five permissions you need to add to your security group. You'll need to repeat these steps to add them one at a time.

1. In your Workday account, search for View Security for Securable Item and run the report. A pop up will appear.


2. Enter Get Candidates in the Securable Item field and click OK. On the search results, click the three-dots next to Get Candidates (Web Service) (Web Service Task), then click Security, then View Security. 


3. Click the three-dots next to Candidate Data: Job Application, then Domain Security Policy, then click Edit Permissions.


4. Scroll down to the Integration Permissions section and click the Plus + sign next to *Security Groups. Search for the seekout2way group and add it to the field. Click the checkbox under the Get column and then click OK.


5. Click Done to return to the list of policies for Get Candidates. Repeat steps 3 and 4, this time clicking the three-dots next to Prospects.

Repeat steps 2 - 4 with the following:

  • Search for the Get Candidate Attachments securable item
  • Click the three-dots > View > View Security
  • Find the policy Candidate Data: Attachments
  • Click the three-dots > Domain Security Policy > Edit Permissions
  • Scroll to Integration Permissions, add the seekout2way security group, check the box under Get, and click OK.
  • Search for the Get Job Requisitions securable item
  • Click the three-dots > View > View Security
  • Find the policy Job Requisition Data
  • Click the three-dots > Domain Security Policy > Edit Permissions
  • Scroll to Integration Permissions, add the seekout2way security group, check the box under Get, and click OK.
  • Search for the Get Job Posting securable item
  • Click the three-dots > View > View Security
  • Find the policy Job Postings: External
  • Click the three-dots > Domain Security Policy > Edit Permissions
  • Scroll to Integration Permissions, add the seekout2way security group, check the box under Get, and click OK.

Activate Security Changes

Search for Activate Pending Security Policy Changes and run the task. Enter a comment and click OK.


On the next page, check the box next to Confirm and then click Done to activate your new security policies.

How do I find my service endpoint?

In your Workday account, search for Public Web Services and view the report. Scroll down and click the three dots next to Recruiting: Public, then select Web Service > View WSDL. A new tab will open with an XML file.

Using the Find feature in your browser (press Ctrl + F if you are using Windows, or Cmd + F on a Mac), search for soapbind:address. The URL on this line is your service endpoint. 


Copy the URL without the quote marks and save it somewhere safe; you'll be entering this in SeekOut.

How do I find my tenant name?

Your tenant name is part of your url when you're logged into Workday. It's the text between the two forward slashes after workday.com.


Copy your tenant name, be sure not to copy any of the slashes or any other part of the URL. Save this somewhere safe; you'll be entering it into SeekOut.

Optional: Whitelist IP Addresses

You can whitelist the following IP addresses that are used for the Workday <> SeekOut integration:

Integrate with SeekOut

Login to your SeekOut account, click your initials at the top right of the dashboard, and select Integrations.


Don't see the Integrations option in your menu? Contact your Customer Success Manager orsupport@seekout.io and ask to enable ATS integrations for your org.

Connecting to Workday

On the Integrations page, scroll down to Workday Rediscovery and click the Connect button. Keep Workday in the Name field, then enter your service endpoint and your ISU password. In the UserName field, enter your ISU username, followed by @ and then your Workday tenant name. 


Removing the Integration

Click the horizontal three-dot button next to a connected integration to Edit or Remove the integration from your SeekOut account.

Connection Stages 


The ATS is connected and SeekOut is indexing candidates from Workday into SeekOut. This process takes up to four hours. Not all candidates will be visible in the Your ATS tab during the Indexing phase. 

Connected / Start ATS Search 

Candidates have been indexed from Workday into SeekOut. Candidates can be viewed in the Your ATS tab. The index of Workday candidates is updated every four hours. 

Click Start ATS Search to go to the Your ATS tab. 

How to use Workday Rediscovery

ATS Insights 

SeekOut aggregates candidate data from your ATS and displays interactive charts for diversity, location, current/previous company, job title, and much more. Hover your mouse over a row to see how many candidates share that data point, and click on a row or use filters to refine your results even further. 


Print & Export Insights 

Click Print to print the current page. Use your browser's printer settings to select how many pages of data you wish to print. 

Click Export to export the data on the current page to a spreadsheet. You can download it as an XLSX file or view it in Excel Online. The spreadsheet has information and charts (when applicable) for the following candidate data: 

  • Location 
  • Current Company 
  • Current Title 
  • Past Company 
  • Past Title 
  • Skills 
  • Years of Experience 
  • Years in Role 
  • School 
  • Degree 
  • Major 
  • Diversity 
  • Industry 
  • Company Size 
  • Other (These are LinkedIn-specific fields) 
    • Certifications 
    • Languages 
    • Groups 
    • Interests 
    • Honors/Awards 


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