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This article covers the permissions needed to set up the Inbound Talent integration between SeekOut and Greenhouse.

Before You Begin

Your Greenhouse account must have the developer permission "Manage ALL organization’s API Credentials" enabled.


See the section in this Greenhouse article Configure User Setup Permissions in Greenhouse Recruiting for steps on how to set this up.

Your Greenhouse login and your SeekOut login must both use the same email address when setting up the integration.

Create your API Key

Login to your Greenhouse dashboard and click the Configuration icon at the top right. Navigate to the Dev Center, then click API Credential Management.


On the next page, click the Create New API Key button. Select Harvest as your API Type, SeekOut as your Partner, and enter a description.


Click Manage Permissions, and your new API Key will be available to you. Click Copy to copy the key to your clipboard. 


Click I have stored the API Key to close the window. The Harvest API permissions page will open automatically.

Harvest API Permissions

Check the box next to each of the following permissions:

  • Applications 
    • Get: Retrieve Application 
    • Get: List Applications 
    • Patch: Update Application 
    • Post: Advance Application 
    • Post: Move Application 
    • Post: Reject Application 
    • Post: Moves Application to Job 
    • Post: Unreject Application   
  • Candidates 
    • Get: Retrieve Candidate 
    • Get: List Candidates   
  •  Jobs 
    • Get: Retrieve Job 
    • Get: List Jobs  
  • Job Posts 
    • Get: List Job Posts 
    • Get: Retrieve Job Post for Job 
    • Get: List Job Posts for Job  
  • Job Stages 
    • Get: Retrieve Job Stage 
    • Get: List Job Stages 
    • Get: List Job Stages for Job 
  • Users 
    • Get: Retrieve User 
    • Get: List Users 
  • Job Openings 
    • Get: List Openings For a Job   
  • Close Reasons 
    • Get: Get close reasons 

Click Save at the bottom of the page when you're done.

For detailed information on how to configure API keys in Greenhouse, see their documentation here.

Setting up the Integration

Once you have your information from Greenhouse, contact your CSM or email support@seekout.com with your info and we'll help you finish setup.

What jobs are visible from Greenhouse within SeekOut?

  • The jobs you see in SeekOut are based on your permissions in Greenhouse. For example...

    • A Greenhouse site admin has access to all jobs. They will see all open job reqs from their ATS in SeekOut.

    • A Greenhouse job admin has access to a specific job. They will only see job reqs that they have access to in SeekOut.

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