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If you know the LinkedIn URL of a specific candidate, you can use part of the URL to look for their SeekOut profile.

Watch the video to learn how, or keep reading for more information.

How to Find a Candidate Using a LinkedIn URL

Go to the candidate's LinkedIn profile and copy the unique part of the URL. It may contain the candidate's name or a string of numbers. Don't copy the / slashes.


Go to the SeekOut search page, type url: in the Keywords field, and paste the url piece that you copied. Hit Enter to search for the candidate. When successful, their enriched SeekOut profile will be the only search result. 


I tried this and I couldn't find the candidate's profile in SeekOut.

This may happen when the person has recently changed, privatized, or deleted their public profile information.

Platforms like LinkedIn have visibility and privacy settings that can be controlled by the individual user. If a prospect has elected to hide their profile visibility from public sources, then that profile info will not be available or updated in the SeekOut database.

Once a candidate has changed their LinkedIn profile from private to public, it can take a few weeks for the profile to be updated within SeekOut.

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