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With the Connect integration, candidates you find in public profile search are expanded to include the following information from your ATS:

  • Is this candidate already in my ATS as a prospect or applicant?
  • Their stage & status, and when they were last updated
  • The name of the recruiter who worked with them previously
  • View their email, phone number, and resumes/other attachments

Setting up the SAP SuccessFactors Integration

Before You Begin

Please contact your Customer Success Manager or our support team so we can coordinate your integration setup.

You will need to create a new account in SuccessFactors with Candidate READ permissions. You'll be entering the account username and password, as well as your service endpoint. SuccessFactors support can help you find your service endpoint.

Accessing Integrations

Click your initials at the top right of the SeekOut dashboard, then select Integrations.


Don't see the Integrations option in your menu? Contact your Customer Success Manager or support@seekout.io and ask to enable ATS integrations for your org.

Connecting to SAP SuccessFactors

On the Integrations page, locate SAP SuccessFactors in the Connect section and click Connect. Leave SAP SuccessFactors in the Name field, and enter your username, password, and service endpoint from SuccessFactors.

Click Save to save your integration settings.

Removing the Integration

Click the three-dots next to a connected integration to Edit or Remove the integration from your SeekOut account.

How to use Connect

With ATS Connect enabled, profiles you find when searching in SeekOut will be enriched with additional information (highlighted in yellow below) if the prospect is already in your ATS.


How Candidate Matching Works

SeekOut matches the profile data from your ATS with the up-to-date candidate profile in SeekOut. SeekOut will use ATS data you provide to do this match, including:

  • Name, company, title, or other fields
  • LinkedIn profile URL
  • PDF resume

We use this data only to find the correct person in SeekOut and note whether they are in your ATS or not. This information is not shared with any other SeekOut customer and is deleted once the match is attempted.

This matching process happens regularly (typically daily or weekly) so new candidates in your ATS are always matched with their profile in SeekOut.

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