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How do filters work together?



List of Public Profile filters

Standard filters


Power Filters

SeekOut's Power Filters let you perform complex queries with one click. See Power Filters.


Filter candidates by Company, Title, Years of Experience. See Experience and Education Filters.


Filter candidates by School, Degree, and/or major. See Experience and Education Filters.

Speciality filters


Likely Open to New Roles

Show candidates who are more likely to switch jobs in the next 12 months. Only available to Enterprise level plans.

Location filters



Filter by city or by a metropolitan area. Use the dropdown menu to search within 0 - 500 miles of the location.


Filter by state. Outside of North America, state filters include countries, municipalities, and other autonomous communities.


Filter by country

Diversity filters


Diversity Tag

SeekOut uses machine-learning algorithms to find diverse & underrepresented candidates. See Improving Diversity with SeekOut.

Role filters



Filter by seniority of current role based on the candidate's current title and year of graduation. Student, Intern, Entry, Senior, Manager, Director, or Executive.

Company filters


Company Alumni

Find former employees of a company. Choose a company from the dropdown menu, then select a range of years between 1990 and present. 


Filter by industry. See What industries are listed in SeekOut?

Company Size

Filter results by the number of employees at a company. Choose an upper and lower range between 0 and 10,000 employees at the candidate's current company.

Background filters



Specfiic skills listed on the candidate's profile. Chosen by the candidate.

Years In Role

Number of years in their current job. Choose an upper and lower range between 0 and 20.

Years In Current Company

Number of years in the current company. Choose an upper and lower range between 0 and 20.


Chosen by the candidate.


Chosen by the candidate.


Volunteer work listed on the candidate's profile. Chosen by the candidate.


LinkedIn groups listed on the candidate's profile. Chosen by the candidate.


Chosen by the candidate.


Chosen by the candidate.

Honors and Awards

Chosen by the candidate.

Miscellaneous filters


Minimize Candidates I've Seen

Controls for hiding seen candidates and focusing on new candidates. Select this to shrink a profile if you have already viewed it on LinkedIn or if the candidate is already in a project or messaging campaign.

Shrunken profiles will appear in search results greyed out with most of the candidate's info hidden.

Profile Type

Show candidates who also have a Github profile or an Expert profile.

Contact Info

Hide or show based on whether you have contact info for a candidate. Choose if you want to see candidates whose contact information you've already retrieved, or to see candidates whose contact info you haven't retrieved.


Hide candidates who might match keywords but are not in a role you're looking for. Choose to exclude Recruiters, Sales, or Leadership candidates from search results based on their job title.


List of Github-exclusive filters

Github search uses many of the filters listed above, but there are also some Github-specific filters available that are listed below.

Speciality filters


Coder Score

SeekOut Coder Score is a rating of the candidate's overall coding ability based on open source code. See What is Coder Score and how is it calculated?

Language Expertise

Filter by demonstrated expertise with a specific coding language. After selecting a language you can filter further by their coder score for that language (1 - 5 stars).


Development topics the candidate knows.

Role filters


Current Company

Filter by current employer.

Current Title

Find by current title.

Past Company

Find candidates based on any of the companies previously worked.

Past Title

Find by previous title.

Repository filters


Top Repositories

The repositories (GitHub projects) where the candidate has contributed the most code.


Number of GitHub followers the candidate has. Select a range between 0 and 200+.


Number of other GitHub users the candidate follows. Select a range between 0 and 200+.

Number of Repositories

How many repositories (GitHub projects) the candidate has contributed to.


Number of stars given to this candidate by other GitHub users.

Education filters



Filter by schools attended.


Filter by education degree awarded.


Filter by major field of study.

Company filters



Associated organizations (often a company or school) the candidate has listed on their profile.

Miscellaneous filters


Profile Type

Filter by information SeekOut has about the candidate. Determine if you want to see matched or unmatched github profiles. A matched profile means the candidate has a github and a LinkedIn profile.

Has Email

Filter by whether SeekOut has an email for this candidate. Toggle this filter ON to only show candidates who have an email address available.


List of Expert-exclusive filters

Expert search uses many of the public profile filters listed above, but there are also some Expert-specific filters available that are listed below.


Affiliation filters Notes
Speciality filters Notes
Author Score Filter based on how influential the candidate's work is.
h-index A measure of how highly cited the candidate is.
i10-index A measure of how highly cited the candidate is.
Category filters Notes
Category Category of areas the candidate has published work about.
Sub Category Sub-category of areas the candidate has published work about.
Tags Topics the candidate has published work about.
Papers/Patents filters Notes
Document Type Filter by type of publication (journal, conference paper, patent, etc.).
Papers Filter by number of papers the candidate has published.
Journal Find candidate by the journal where they were published.
Publisher Filter by publication which released the candidate's work.
Prominence Filter by number of publications where candidate is first or last listed author.
Conference filters Notes
Conference Filter by the conference where the candidate has presented work.
Conference Instance Filter by specific year of conference.
Citations filters Notes
Citations Number of times this candidates work is cited by others.
Miscellaneous filters Notes
Has Public Profile Filter by whether the candidate also has a LinkedIn profile.
Early in Career Experts who recently completed their graduate studies. Yes/No
Student Experts who are still in school. Yes/No


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