Time Zones: Time Differences and The Time Zone Filter

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Time Difference

When viewing a candidate's profile, you can see at-a-glance the time difference based on their time zone and your location.


Your time zone is set automatically based on your location.

Time Zone Filter

The Time Zone filter gives you the ability to filter candidates in North America by their current time zone. This can be useful when targeting candidates in particular time zones if the job requisition requires more real-time collaboration.

There are four filters: Pacific, Mountain, Central, and Eastern. They can be active independently or together with other filters.


How to Access the Time Zone Filter

The Time Zone filter doesn't appear on the Search page by default. To add it to your list of filters, go to the Search page and select View All Filters from the list to the left of your search results. In the Filter Customization pop-up, scroll down to the Location section and check the box next to Time Zone.


Click Save to return to the search page with your newly selected filter now available on the list to the left of your search results.

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