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SeekOut's Healthcare tab extends the candidate pool available to you by enriching millions of existing healthcare worker profiles with data from the National Provider Identifier Standard (NPI) database, as well as adding hundreds of thousands of new profiles. In addition, SeekOut offers unique filters to refine your search when sourcing for clinical workers, physicians, medical researchers, and other licensed healthcare professionals.

Talk to your CSM or Contact Us to get access to the Healthcare Talent Pool. This talent pool is available to Professional and Enterprise licensed users. 

Access the Healthcare Talent Pool

Select Search from the left navigation pane, then click Healthcare to access the Healthcare Talent Pool.


Candidate profiles in the Healthcare pool are enriched with data from the NPI database, including the location and phone number of their practice. Use keywords or Boolean to search through the pool, or use SeekOut's custom filters.

Healthcare Filters

In addition to filtering by criteria like location and job title, the Healthcare tab has several unique filters you can use to source candidates.

Click View All Filters at the bottom of the filter list to choose which filters you want to see on the Healthcare search page.


List of filters exclusive to the Healthcare pool

  • NPI Taxonomy
  • Doximity Category
  • Hospital Affiliation
  • Specialty
  • Sub Specialty

Unmatched Profiles

Clinical workers without a public presence (such as a LinkedIn profile) can be sorted by using the Has Public Profile filter.

State and Location filters for Unmatched Profiles

State and Location filters use the candidate's location of their practice from the NPI database if their profile is unmatched.

Healthcare Insights

Access insights for your search at any time by selecting Healthcare Insights at the top of the search page.


The insights feature gives you a birds-eye view of your candidate pool with illustrative and interactive graphs. These graphs update in real-time as you select more filters and enter more keywords & Boolean. 

For tips on how to use insights to strategically source, click here.

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