Types of User Accounts in SeekOut

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There are several types of user accounts in SeekOut. Some accounts have access to features that other accounts do not have.


Recruiters are the default user type. Depending on the license assigned to a recruiter, they can access different features in SeekOut, including (but not limited to):

  • Recruiters with an Essentials license have access to Messaging, Projects, and AI Matching. They can search SeekOut's Public Profile talent pool. 
  • Recruiters with a Professional license have access to the above, as well as the ability to search SeekOut's Github talent pool.
  • Recruiters with an Enterprise license have access to all of the above, as well as the ability to search the Expert talent pool.


Admins have access to usage reports and other team administration tools. Admins can be licensed Recruiter accounts, or SeekOut can assist your team in creating a separate free account with Admin access to your org. These free accounts do not have access to Search, Messaging, AI Matching, or Insights.

To request Admin access for an account in your org, please contact support@seekout.com.

See the article Team Administration: Accounts & Usage Reports for more information on Admin tools.

Hiring Manager

Hiring Manager accounts are free accounts that cannot access Search, Messaging, AI Matching, or Insights. They cannot obtain contact information for a candidate. They can only access projects that have been shared with them.

To create a Hiring Manager account, a Recruiter shares a project with a person who doesn't have a SeekOut license (such as their hiring manager). The person must create a free account in order to access and comment on projects. For details on how a Hiring Manager creates their account, see the article How do I view a project that is shared with me?

Chrome Extension User

The SeekOut Sourcing Assistant is a free Chrome extension that improves your ability to source candidates by enhancing your Google searches and add & obtain contact info for candidates straight from their LinkedIn profile page.

A SeekOut account is required to use the extension. Recruiters and Admins can use their existing account with the extension, or new users can create a free SeekOut account. Free accounts can only access the projects that they have created, they don't have access to Search, Messaging, AI Matching, or Insights.


See the article Getting started with the SeekOut Sourcing Assistant (free Chrome Extension) for more information on the Chrome extension.

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